Web Development + Social Media Marketing + Google Sites Bundle


Course Benefits

  • How to set up a Professional Website Business / E Commerce / Blog) in just 3 days.
  • No programming or coding skills required.
  • Set up your online business without any investment
  • Start earning money through various sources
  • Promote own Business by designing a stunning website
  • Become a freelance web developer to earn huge money.
  • Students/Business Owners/Freelancers can Buy this Course to become a Master in Social Media Marketing
  • Concepts will be explained in Malayalam by Certified Trainers with Years of Experience in Social Media Marketing

Web Development

  • Hosting and Domain Registration
  • How to set up Local Host
  • WordPress Dashboard
  • WordPress Pages and Posts
  • Customise WordPress Website
  • Customize Menu
  • How to Create and use Contact Form
  • How to Backup WordPress Website
  • How to Secure WordPress Website
  • How to get free SSL Certificate
  • Elementor – Complete Tutorial
  • Most Useful Plugins
  • How to get Free Hosting and Domain
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Analytics

Project 1 : Business Website

Project 2: Ecommerce Website + Razorpay

Project 3: Blog to earn money online

Social Media Marketing

  • 15 Lessons Explaining How to do Advertisements on Facebook/Instagram
  • Key Topics include How to Start a Facebook Page, How to Promote Facebook Page, How to Do Lead Generation Ads in Facebook, How to reach to Right Audience in Facebook/Instagram
  • Concepts like Facebook Business Manager, Ads Manager, Facebook Pixel, YouTube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing also Explained in Detailed

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