Social Media Marketing Mastery


Course Benefits

  • 15 Lessons Explaining How to do Advertisements on Facebook/Instagram
  • Key Topics include How to Start a Facebook Page, How to Promote Facebook Page, How to Do Lead Generation Ads in Facebook, How to reach to Right Audience in Facebook/Instagram
  • Concepts like Facebook Business Manager, Ads Manager, Facebook Pixel, YouTube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing also Explained in Detailed
  • Students/Business Owners/Freelancers can Buy this Course to become a Master in Social Media Marketing¬†
  • Concepts will be explained in Malayalam by Certified Trainers with Years of Experience in Social Media Marketing¬†

Since 2000, Internet Marketing/Digital Marketing has been a Buzz Word and in the last 20 Years the Importance of Digital Marketing Grew Exponentially. Many Organizations now depend fully on Digital Marketing to promote their Products and Services. Social Media Marketing is one of the Key Components in Digital Marketing and with Social Media Marketing, advertisers can easily target people based on their Interests, Age, Location Etc.

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