Group Discussion Mastery


Course Benefits

  • Understand all about a Group Discussion (GD)
  • Understand Different Types of Group Discussions
  • Know the Rules in a GD
  • Learn about mistakes to be avoided to be successful in a Group Discussion
  • Know the Winning points in a GD
  • Learn about frequently made mistakes in a GD
  • How to Initiate and Conclude a GD
  • Learn to Control the GD and win points
  • Understand about effective use of Gestures, eye contact etc. In a GD
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This course is an excellent route map for students and professionals who want to be successful in Group Discussions. Many companies include GDs as part of their recruitment process to assess the inter personal skills as well as communication skills of the the candidates. The Course deals with effective and proven strategies to be adopted to find success in a Group Discussion.

Course Includes

  1. Introduction
  2. What exactly is a GD.
  3. How to score well in a GD.
  4. Things to avoid in a GD.
  5. Gestures and eye contact pattern in a GD.

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